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Podcast Production Workflow with Tony Bottoms – PEM0043

By Daniel Abendroth | 01/10/2022

Producing a podcast is sooo much more than just cutting out filler words. While there are many ways to get things done, if you're thoughtful about how you approach your work, you can get a better final episode and save time doing it.Join us as we talk with Tony Bottoms about podcast production workflow.Links:https://appaloosamedia.com/Appearing in…

Getting Started as a Podcast Editor in a Growing Market with Helen King – PEM0042

By Daniel Abendroth | 01/06/2022

Helen King is a podcast editor from New Zealand and tonight she will be sharing her incredible story of how she got into podcast editing and the journey of becoming an editor in a growing market. Links: Helen’s podcast: https://helsbels7.podbean.com Helen’s website: https://www.hkproductionsnz.com Appearing in this episode: Daniel Abendroth: https://rothmedia.audio | @rothmedia_audio Jennifer Longworth: https://bourbonbarrelpodcasting.com…

Marketing Strategies for Your Podcast Editing Business with Anisha Prachaseri – PEM0041

By Daniel Abendroth | 01/03/2022

When it comes to building your podcast editing business, editing skills can only take you so far and rarely are the reason you land new clients. Have a solid marketing strategy can be what separates you from the crowd. Tonight we have Anisha Prachaseri to help us figure it out. Anisha has over 15 years…

Finding Your Podcast Editing Niche with Mary Chan and Andrea Klunder – PEM0040

By Daniel Abendroth | 12/30/2021

The riches are in the niches, right? But how do you even begin to find out what your niche is? How do you figure out what they need? And then how do you sign them up as clients?  We'll be talking with Mary Chan of Organized Sound Productions and Andrea Klunder of Creative Imposter Studios–…

title image: transitioning to a full time podcast editor

Transitioning To a Full Time Podcast Editor, with Stevie Manns

By Bryan Entzminger | 12/28/2021

Wondering how to make the leap from side hustle to full time podcast editor? There's no formula to follow, but Stevie Manns shares their journey, so you can learn from it.

Continuing Education and Keeping Up with the Latest Technology

By Daniel Abendroth | 12/13/2021

With podcasting growing and changing faster than ever, how do we as editors keep up with our workload and the lasted technology and trends? Check out the livestream of this episode: https://www.facebook.com/podcasteditorsmastermind/videos/4541333469252491 Our guest today was Heather Wester. https://www.ironedoutmedia.com/ https://www.instagram.com/ironedoutmedia/ Special thanks to Bojana Lalic for editing this episode! Instagram Facebook LinkedIn Linktr.ee Appearing in…

There are No Rules with Marion Abrams – PEM0037

By Daniel Abendroth | 12/09/2021

What we've learned from this show over the past year is that professional editing is more than removing filler words. But what does that mean exactly in the ever-evolving landscape of our field? How does it expand our roles and increase our earnings while increasing client satisfaction (and their show's performance). Marion Abrams, of MadMotion,…

Should Podcast Editors Attend In-Person Conferences? – PEM0036

By Bryan Entzminger | 09/23/2021

With Zoom meetings and online conferences, why do in-person conferences matter for podcast editors? Mark Deal and Steve Stewart of the Podcast Editor Academy join us to talk about why it MIGHT just be worth it.

Expanding your Podcast Production Business: Copywriting and other Services – PEM0035

By Bryan Entzminger | 09/16/2021

Podcast editing is a tough industry to get into. Competition can be stiff and there are many ways to fail. Listen as Virginia Elder shares how she uses complementary services to stand out.

Podcast Editors: Do Us All a Favor and Clear Your Head Trash So You Can Charge What You’re Worth – PEM0034

By Bryan Entzminger | 08/16/2021

Find out what to consider when setting your podcast editing rates. These answers could mean the difference between undercharging, overcharging, or charging correctly for your services.