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Should Podcast Editors Attend In-Person Conferences? – PEM0036

By Bryan Entzminger | 09/23/2021

With Zoom meetings and online conferences, why do in-person conferences matter for podcast editors? Mark Deal and Steve Stewart of the Podcast Editor Academy join us to talk about why it MIGHT just be worth it.

Expanding your Podcast Production Business: Copywriting and other Services – PEM0035

By Bryan Entzminger | 09/16/2021

Podcast editing is a tough industry to get into. Competition can be stiff and there are many ways to fail. Listen as Virginia Elder shares how she uses complementary services to stand out.

Podcast Editors: Do Us All a Favor and Clear Your Head Trash So You Can Charge What You’re Worth – PEM0034

By Bryan Entzminger | 08/16/2021

Find out what to consider when setting your podcast editing rates. These answers could mean the difference between undercharging, overcharging, or charging correctly for your services.

Creating Happy Podcast Editing Clients With Great Customer Service – PEM0033

By Bryan Entzminger | 08/06/2021

Great customer service may serve your business better than advertising. Learn how to create an excellent client experience.

A Vulnerable Behind-the-Scenes Look at Imposter Syndrome

A Vulnerable Behind-the-Scenes Look at Imposter Syndrome – PEM0032

By Carrie Caulfield Arick | 07/16/2021

When Imposter Syndrome becomes crippling how do you overcome it? We put the hive mind to use in this very raw, incredibly real session of the mastermind.

How to Balance Your Podcast Production Business with Life – PEM0031

By Bryan Entzminger | 06/28/2021

The secret to balancing your podcast production business with your life is more than just time management. Learn how you can manage your priorities and make the most of every opportunity

Podcasting Editors: How to Find, Hire, and Manage a Subcontractor – PEM0030

By Bryan Entzminger | 06/19/2021

If you’re a podcast editor looking to outsource some of your editing, this is the episode for you. It’ll help you determine how to find the right person.

Are You REALLY Good Enough to Be a Podcast Editor? – PEM0029

By Bryan Entzminger | 05/26/2021

As creatives, podcast editors are certainly not exempt from the effects of Imposter Syndrome. Listen and be encouraged as our Yetis share some of their struggles, as well as the tricks they've picked up along the way.

Podcast Editors: Do This to Bring More Money Home – PEM0028

By Bryan Entzminger | 05/11/2021

Podcast editors, have you ever gotten to the end of your expenses only to discover that there's nothing left to pay you. Do this instead.

Podcast Editors: Have You Considered Podcast Management? – PEM0027

By Bryan Entzminger | 04/26/2021

Let's face it – as editors, what we do COULD be considered a commodity and it's up to us to differentiate ourselves. Podcast management might be the right choice for you.