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What we're looking for in a guest

People that work on the business side of podcasting. This will mostly be editors but may include experts in marketing, scaling, technology, legal, etc.

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Are You REALLY Good Enough to Be a Podcast Editor? – PEM0029

By Bryan Entzminger | 05/26/2021

As creatives, podcast editors are certainly not exempt from the effects of Imposter Syndrome. Listen and be encouraged as our Yetis share some of their struggles, as well as the tricks they've picked up along the way.

Podcast Editors: Do This to Bring More Money Home – PEM0028

By Bryan Entzminger | 05/11/2021

Podcast editors, have you ever gotten to the end of your expenses only to discover that there's nothing left to pay you. Do this instead.

Podcast Editors: Have You Considered Podcast Management? – PEM0027

By Bryan Entzminger | 04/26/2021

Let's face it – as editors, what we do COULD be considered a commodity and it's up to us to differentiate ourselves. Podcast management might be the right choice for you.

Don’t Let Marketing’s Dark Side Ruin Your Podcasting Clients – PEM0026

By Bryan Entzminger | 04/08/2021

We sometimes joke about podcasters trying to game the system, but in truth, it's no laughing matter. Listen to hear how it works and how to keep your podcasting clients from falling victim to the scams.

Developing a Conference Strategy to Create Opportunities with Marcus de Paula

Developing a Conference Strategy to Create Opportunities with Marcus dePaula —PEM0025

By Carrie Caulfield Arick | 04/05/2021

Conferences are a great way to network and learn new tricks of the trade, but the return on investment isn't often obvious. We'd argue conferences are underutilized by podcast editors.

How Improv Can Help Podcast Editors – PEM0024

By Bryan Entzminger | 02/18/2021

Why should podcast editors care about improv? Well, as Chris Trew shares, not only can improv help you to think more quickly, it can also keep you “in the moment” and make your sales conversations seem more natural.

strategies to get clients through effective marketing practices podcast editors mastermind episode 23

Planting Seeds for Your Business: Marketing Challenge Results — PEM0023

By Carrie Caulfield Arick | 02/07/2021

Marketing. Do you hate it? Do you think it's gross? What if you change your relationship AND get clients with marketing? We kicked off 2021 with a 5-day marketing challenge to encourage you to put yourself and your business out there. It’s served with a dash of how to make marketing less overwhelming and not…

How Podcast Editors Can Stand Out – PEM0022

By Bryan Entzminger | 01/21/2021

Want to stand out as a podcast editor? Don't just change your marketing language, create an offer nobody else can match by drawing on your experience. Here's how JAG in Detroit did it.

How can the Podcast Taxonomy Benefit Podcast Editors – PEM0021

By Bryan Entzminger | 01/07/2021

Ever wonder how to share potential clients the true value of what you do? You'll want to listen to find out more about the Podcast Taxonomy and how it can benefit you as an indie podcast editor.

How much money do podcast editors make? Podcast Editor Academy and Podcast Editors Club 2020 Survey Results Discussed

How much money do podcast editors make? —PEM020

By Carrie Caulfield Arick | 12/31/2020

~~***We’re doing a 5 Day Marketing Challenge starting Jan. 10th to help you attract clients and stop hustling for them. If you want to participate, sign up for our newsletter & join the Podcast Editors Mastermind Community! Already get the newsletter? The details will be in your inbox next Thursday (Jan 7th).***~~ Mark Deal and…

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