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How can I find my first podcast editing client? – PEM0003

By Bryan Entzminger | 04/16/2020

One of the questions we hear from new podcast editors all the time is, “How can I find my first client?”Let's be honest – it can be hard, confusing, daunting, and scary. You know what you're doing but you don't know where to find clients. Or more specifically, you might not know where (and how) to…

Podcast editors: have you thought about how you’ll handle a global health crisis? – PEM0002

By Bryan Entzminger | 04/02/2020

As professional podcast editors, we are also business owners. That means that it's our job to not only support our clients but also to manage our business and to plan for the future. In this episode of the Podcast Editors Mastermind, we talked about both the current health crisis due to COVID-19, as well as…

podcast editors mastermind recorded live at podfest 2020

How do masterminds and conferences benefit podcast editors? – PEM0001

By Bryan Entzminger | 03/24/2020

This year at Podfest also saw the first-ever Podcast Editor’s Conference. While there were several amazing speakers, the one that stood out the most was from Craig Wealand called Ethics of Editing & Disfluencies. He talked about disfluencies and the ethics of editing podcasts. While this topic got everyone thinking, it brought to mind a…