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Podcast Editors: Getting Beyond the Edit to Help Podcasters Get What They Want – PEM0006

Podcast editing is a growing industry that still has opportunities for a lot of people. But the question still remains: “How can I differentiate myself as an editor and be irreplaceable for my clients?”

Dava Visaya from joined us to talk about that question.

Dave is a podcast editor from the Philippines who has an interesting career trajectory. He owns a small podcast production agency with all in-house producers and editors (at least in-house when they're not under COVID-19 restrictions). 

He had the goal of building a large agency with a deep portfolio of clients but has recently decided to shift his business.

Listen to discover:

  • How many times the cats joined us 🙂
  • How Dave didn't think of himself as a professional early on, even though he was working on a very popular show
  • Challenges and strategies for pricing services, especially when working with international clients
  • What often stops editors from hiring people to help them
  • What you need to have in place before you start hiring
  • The benefits of having your team in-house, operating on a single platform and suite of software and plugins
  • Ideas for how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors to the point that you might be the only option your clients ever consider
  • Why many strategies to “add value” often fail (hint: consider who actually DEFINES what's valuable)
  • Working within boundaries – even across time zones
  • Ideas for what you can have in place before you ever talk to prospective clients so that you can get them what they want – right out of the gate.
  • And a LOT more.

This was an incredible conversation and you're going to LOVE it!

Guest Editor

This episode was edited by Tanner Campbell, who you can find at

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Bryan Entzminger: | @toptieraudio

About the author, Bryan Entzminger

Bryan Entzminger is the owner of Top Tier Audio, a podcast production company. He's also the founder of the Hindy Users (Unofficial) group for Hindenburg users on Facebook, and a co-host of Podcast Editors Mastermind — a podcast focused on the business side of podcast editing. He loves sharing the lessons he’s learned from his struggles and others he's met along the way so that you can have a podcast that you’re proud of without letting editing take over your life.

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