Episode 8

Published on:

24th Jun 2020

Digital Hoarders and Pedagogy– Podcast Editing Business Edition

When does your editing business invest in new equipment? Is it when productivity lags? Or is it merely a matter of budget? How do you know when it’s REALLY time to replace equipment? And then what determines how much you spend? We help Bryan decide whether to purchase a new Mac computer or stick with his old one. Plus, file storage, video editing, and impostor syndrome!

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Questions to ask before you buy that thing…  

  • Is this an emotional desire or practical need?
  • How long will your investment to last?
  • Is your need for the gear long or short term?
  • Is there a work-around?

When you spend more time crashing and rebooting than editing, it’s time to get a new computer. 

Also covered...

We get into file storage because you can never back up enough. 

Bryan is NOT a PC guy. 

What video software is the easiest? 

Daniel discusses his recent experience with Impostor Syndrome… notice how we approach it through awareness and practical experience. 

We share the value of accountability and you’ll probably learn a new word. 

Getting inspiration from others who are doing similar things as you isn’t really stealing… or is it? 

Should Jennifer do a course? (yes, I think she should)

Jennifer, a skeptic, gives a review of Descript 

Descript Tip: Use Ctrl/Cmd + F to find a word or phrase to delete en masse

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Carrie Caulfield-Arick: https://yayapodcasting.com | @carriearick

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