Episode 15

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12th Oct 2020

Redefining Your Vision to Redirect Your Business with Michael (MiTi) Jerry –PEM015

“... vision is what you see in your mind… No one can see your vision except you. And working towards that vision is... the challenge.” - Michael (MiTi) Jerry

Pulled in a dozen directions dictated by running a business... you can quickly lose your once-bright vision and be pulled away. How do we recenter? Reevaluate? Return to providing services that bring more than just income but truly bring value to our lives and to our clients?

In this episode, we take these on inevitable questions. Michael aka MiTi (pronounced Mighty) Jerry joins us to discuss his journey, as well as offer his advice, his success so far, and ask some questions of his own. As a podcast engineer and editor for businesses, Michael is the founder of MiTi5Audio.com, the host of the podcast, DriveTimeConversations, and a graduate of Podcast Engineering School

On Podcast Editors Mastermind, we wanted to start a series we can all relate to and learn from - where we tackle real life issues and detours in our businesses. We invite you to join us as we contemplate several truths, including: that value is subjective, how our vision, lives and businesses change over time, why it’s crucial to regularly step back to reclaim our core values and mission... and how it’s a journey for all of us. 


  • Two keys to landing clients: Know your clients and present podcasting (or improving an existing podcast) as invaluable to business-building.
  • How to frame a client’s podcast to achieve their specific business vision.
  • Take stock of yourself and your business to grow: your core purpose, your motivation, your passion, your vision.
  • Why value is subjective.
  • How to define value in a way that makes sense to a client.
  • Designing your business to support the life you desire -- aka recapturing your vision.
  • Why talking too much can lose you the sale.
  • Tips to prioritize when you have more responsibilities than time.
  • How to step back when you’re spending too long on an edit.
  • Tips to limit distractions.
  • Hear about Michael’s new podcast where he interviews people from all over the world.
  • Evaluating what is “work” for you.
  • Homework for all: Think and define your vision, your values, your mission. Who are you at your core? What five words would you say describe you? What five words would others say describe you?


Michael (MiTi) Jerry, founder of MiTi Productions: 




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